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Breeding Jason Park

Added: 2015-11-27

In this scene, Jayson Park hooks up with Travis Woods for a rough and ready romp.┬áTravis starts the fun by mounting Jayson’s mouth, pumping his face and thrusting his rock hard cock down his throat. Travis then takes a ride on Jayson’s face, rubbing his hole all over Jaysons darting tongue. Jayson takes control and positions himself into a 69, where ass rimming and cock sucking continue. When both have had thier fill, Travis turns Jayson over and slides his big banana shaped dick deep into Jason’s ass. Holding him down by the arms, he thrusts hard, as he barebacks his bottom. Travis is relentless, turning Jason over doggie style then onto his side. Travis finally gets up, spreads Jayson’s legs and shoves his cock home until he releases a huge cum load, saving the final squirt for Jayson’s open ass. Just the kind of Sunday ride Jayson Park was hoping for.