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Cesars Pleasures – Part III

Added: 2017-01-13

The Roman Orgy Begins – A roman feast is underway as Cesar Xes celebrates the victories of Maximus, leader of the Roman Armies return from War.┬áMaximus sets from to spill his seed in the Emperor, while Senator Sextus takes hold of a slave boy. He demands the young slave boy to service his cock and lick his well hung balls. Sextus shoves his raw cock into the slave boy’s ass, grinding it deep and hard as he pushes it into the helpless and willing slave’s asshole. Meanwhile Maximus explores Cesar’s ass with his tongue, licking, eating and devouring his hole to loosen and prime it for his victoriously thick cock. The horny crowd both watches and joins in as Maximus takes control of the Emperor’s hole. Maximus pounds his massive tool of war mercilessly into Cesar’s powerful round ass and barebacks it, until his massive balls erupt and fill his commander’s belly full of his victorious seed.