Rough Trade Hairy Daddy Sling Fucking Raunchy Bareback Man Sex

Eddie, Alan, Clark and Victor

Added: 2020-04-09

It is time for Eddie Wild, Alan Fulton and Victor Cody to have some fun fucking for the camera. Victor handles the camera, while Eddie pulls off Alan’s shorts and starts sucking his dick. When Alan wants some cock in his mouth the two crawl up on each other for some 69 action. Eddie bends Alan over the bed and sinks his tongue deep in his asshole, before sliding his raw cock in deep. With a stiff dick in one hole, Alan leans forward and takes Victor’s in his mouth. Eddie busts a huge nut on Alan’s hole, and then Victor hands the camera off to Eddie, so he can have a turn barebacking that hole. When Clark Kent comes into the room he takes the camera and Victor gets up on Eddie’s cock. He rides it until shooting a massive load all over Eddie’s belly, for Alan to lick up. The two guys then have a little double penetration fun, in Alan’s ass, before Victor bends them over and fucks their butts.