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Landon Kovak Barebacks Sean Storm

Added: 2018-05-10

When Landon Kovak discovers Sean Storm naked in a cage, he has no doubt what the man is there for. Landon puts his cock to the cage and teases the captive with it. Then Sean turns his hole to the bars and taunts Landon, who opens the door so he can eat his ass. He grabs Sean by the collar and directs his mouth down on the cock he teased. Sean is eager to suck Landon’s dick, but even more anxious to get it in his ass. Turned over doggy style, Landon buries his enormous cock in the captive’s hole, thrusting it hard and deep. Landon flips him over, spreads his legs and continues to drive his massive meat into the caged bottom. Landon continues barebacking Sean until he erupts with a massive spew of cum, that he fucks into the man’s butt. Then he walks away, leaving Sean’s hole gaping, with cum spilling out. Sean returns to his cage in hopes he will soon be discovered again, but never released.