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Cesar Barebacks and Breeds Jason

Added: 2016-04-29

Jason Cummings has longed to partner with Cesar Xes and take his seed, so when they hook up he immediately starts sucking Cesar’s uncut Latin cock. Cesar feeds him all of it, pushing his head down until Jayson is gagging. Cesar then sucks on the boy for a bit, before he lubes his ass and shoves his raw cock in. Cesar starts thrusting his ass and bareback fucks Jason hard. Then he turns the boy on all fours and mounts him for another round of fucking. Jayson’s hole is well used, by the time Cesar cums on his ass, and then pushes it in to finish. Cesar continues to fuck Jayson until his balls finally give in and Jayson releases his own load. This is a barebacking Jayson will remember quite fondly.