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  • CyberBears


    Bear Xing - Sc 3

    So pay attention, on the road and off. It's hairy out there! KJ Behr, Goatee Dude, and RJ tend the plants in this garden [...]

  • Fetish Force


    The Shaft (Conclusion)

    Cameron Adams is suspended from the top of the freight elevator shaft. Tony Buff stops the elevator near the top to embr [...]

  • Rearstable


    Animus - Sc 3

    Damien Crosse is stroking on his thick Cuban steak when jock strapped Jason Adonis gets his attention. In a moment, Jaso [...]

  • Bare


    Fucking Awesome - Sc 2

    Patrick Ives is one of the filthiest fuckers we know. Here he's met his match and the two pig whores can hardly diseng [...]

  • Boykakke


    Straight Boy Swallow

    We find out Mai is actually straight. That's why we are anxious to abuse this sexy straight boy and get him to have lots [...]

  • SexGaymes


    When The Wifes Away

    When the wife's away married men who have men on the side are busy fucking in the back yard. There's no substitute for [...]

  • CyberBears


    Bear Minded - Sc 3

    Open your mind to some hot bear action. We'll just see if that's the only thing that opens up! Newcomer Ducksick gives a [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Instructional Sounding - Part One

    No doubt you've been intrigued by one of the more extreme fetishes we present, sounding. Here's your chance to see how t [...]

  • Rearstable


    Franchesco DMacho and D.O.

    D.O. soaks in his bath looking over at Francesco D'Macho shaving. Francesco aims his uncut cock at his man's face and D. [...]

  • Bare


    Raw ManJuice - Sc 3

    Daddy may I have some more? More fucking, more sucking, more raw cock shoved in my ass? This scene has got more of wh [...]

  • Boykakke


    Huge Thai Sausage Boy

    Check out the massive schlong on this Thai cutie. He compares it to the remote and various other articles as he's jerki [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Tails From the Locker Room - Sc 1

    Matthew Anders and Chris Michaels are hanging out in the locker room discussing the next team line up. Looks like Chris [...]

  • CyberBears


    Bearing Leather - Sc 1

    You can taste it. You can smell it. You can sense when a man is bearing leather. Sometimes it seems like a fantasy. Eri [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Your Ass Is Mine - Sc 3 Pt 1

    We brings together some of our best and most accomplished fisters for some hot and greasy, up-to-the-elbow action when S [...]

  • Rearstable


    Rugburn - Sc 3

    Jesse is trying to get his work done when he's unexpectedly distracted by big Tyler Hunt who's Xeroxing his cock and has [...]

  • Bare


    Daddy Raunch - Sc 1

    This scene just oozes sleaze and sperm. Take three horned up guys and throw them together and watch them pound each oth [...]

  • Boykakke


    Badminton Big Cock

    After a game of Badminton with his 2 sexy friends, horny Aum is craving 2 things ... their cocks! Soon he's slurping on [...]

  • SexGaymes


    The Coach - Sc 1

    Dante is training in the rain - Coach Joshua Scott is a tough task master and keeps him jogging til he's ready to let hi [...]

  • Boykakke


    Car Wash Boys

    The only thing sexier than a hot guy washing the car is 2 hot guys washing the car! Watch as these 2 Thai sexpots get we [...]

  • Rearstable


    Cowboys Part 1 - Sc 1

    Tom Wolfe finds cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars making out and blowing each other, and he can't help but watch from a di [...]