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Cesars Pleasures – Part IV

Added: 2017-01-20

The Roman Orgy Continues – The feast is underway and men are sucking and bareback fucking throughout the celebration. Senator Sextus leads young Anusius off to the statue of Romulous and Remus to pay the deity some sexual respect. The boy sucks the Senators big long powerful cock, gagging each time he attempts to bury his long cock down his throat. The Senator pushes it down, gagging the boy as he skull fucks him. He bends young black Anusius over and eats his young willing hole then mounts him with his hard banana shaped cock, driving it deeper and deeper until it fills the boy’s hole completely. He pumps his massive cock into the boy until Anusius can hold from no more and releases his jizz, spilling it on the ground. Sextus pumps his cock harder and harder until he too releases a huge sticky load and pays homage to his deity. The Feast of sex and cum continues as the men gather and begin to suck and bareback fuck anyone within reach. They switch off as no cock or ass goes without attention in a Roman orgy that is filled with jizz.