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Pig Roast 5

Added: 2017-02-03

Heath McDonald separates himself from the other pigs and retires to a room, waving his massive cock around until Kirby Kennedy takes notice and presents his ass for him to bareback fuck. Heath teases his hole, slapping his massive cock against Kirby’s begging ass. After a good pumping he turns Kirby onto his back, lifts his slutty legs and shoves his cock back in for a second round of raw fucking. When Heath wears down, Kirby lays him back, squats on his hard dick and takes it for a ride. Kirby then dismounts, turns around and crawls back on top of Heath’s huge cock. As Heath builds to a climax Kirby is barely able to get his lips around that monster, before Heath blows a massive cum load into Kirby’s mouth, who then spits it back onto his cock and balls for all to see.