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Unexpected Ass

Added: 2015-10-30

A porn video is playing and Victor Cody is stroking his big hard cock when Jackson Thomas unexpectedly knocks at the door. Perfect timing for Jackson who immediately drops to his knees and begins sucking on Victor’s cock. Victor takes his turn servicing Jackson who’s sweet little asshole is begging for attention.¬†¬†Victor flips him over, lubes himself with spit and slides in. Jackson milks Victors cock until Victor lets loose with an ass breeding cum load. Then Victor turns him over and continues to pump his cock deep into Jackson’s cum filled hole. Victor barebacks his bottom relentlessly from behind, until he delivers a second load. Then its Jackson’s turn, as he stands up so Victor can drive his fingers deep up his loose wet hole. Jackson ends their hot and nasty fuck session by delivering a load so huge it runs from of Victor’s mouth and down his lips.